Online Writing Jobs in Nigeria: Best 5 Tools for Successful Freelance Writers

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If you engage in online writing jobs for a living in Nigeria, you will know that staying organized is as important as your writing skills.

Online writing jobs will question your ability to multitask and still deliver good jobs as at when due.

Why Invest in Tools for Online Writing Jobs?

Let’s say you have 30 articles to deliver weekly for different businesses across multiple sectors. This
means you will be drifting from topics you are quite familiar with to those you are completely
new to, without coming across as a novice.

Depending on how versatile you are as a person, situation like this tends to mentally tear you into shreds.

Not to worry, what you need are freelance writing tools to help you coordinate your work and
And, if you are a newbie freelance writer in Nigeria, you are so lucky to be reading about these
tools that help pros deliver well and fast on their online writing jobs.

What Do You Need Freelance Writing Tools for?

These among reasons may require you seek refuge in tools for online writing jobs:
  • Researching topic ideas
  • Organizing your activities
  • Correct semantic errors and typos
  • Consistently choosing titles that work

What Are the Best Tools for Freelance Writers?

1. OneLook Dictionary.
Sometimes coming up with themes or topic ideas for articles may be a struggle. Those are the days
you need OneLook Dictionary like oxygen.

You can use it to generate random ideas from a particular word. It gives an array of synonyms you
can consider for topic ideas.

Let’s say you want to write new article about social media and you need relevant terms so badly.

Logon to OneLook, punch in social media

tools for online writing jobs

There you go.

You have terms such as social media campaign, social media meme, social media advertising,...

2. Basecamp.
This lovely tool helps you organize your online writing jobs in such a way that you earn respect of
your clients.

Basecamp lets you divide your work into tasks that have timelines. Together with the timeline is the
functionality to carry your client along with your workflow.

When you need to make quick changes or introduce new ideas to an ongoing project, Basecamp has got you.   

If your freelance writing job comes through on Proville, you may not have problems organizing your
tasks or notifying clients of important updates though.  You can do that on your Proville dashboard
as well as on the Proville freelance app.

Making money as a freelance writer is not easy but spending the money is eazzi pizzy. Lol!

To avoid losing track of how much you make, you will need some knowledge of accounting and
bookkeeping. This should not be a source of headache, there is one-stop shop for all your
accounting and bookkeeping worries online.

It is called It comprises
  • Online payment processing
  • Accounting professionals for hire
  • Online accounting tools for non-accountants

tools for online writing jobs

You literally set up an account department for your freelance writing business when you
sign up there.

4. Hemmingway Editor.
Online writing jobs require that you are always grammatically upright. And as such, you will need
help beyond merely spotting typos and incorrect spellings, that most online editing tools offer.

Hemingway Editor makes your writing bold and clear. It highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors in your sentences.

I know Grammarly is great, but I choose to include Hemmingway App because of the emphasis it
lays on structure of sentences. I find that very very cool.

5. The Writing Practice.
This is a great online resource dedicated to helping freelance writers to be become better and
more creative.

With 1, 918 FREE writing lessons and exercises available, you will find new things to learn with
regards to improving on your online writing jobs.

Apart from writing exercises you can take to help sharpen your speed and freelance writing
skills. There are free tutorials on short stories, interview, grammar and characterization.

Honourable Mention: The Strategy of Content Marketing.

The Strategy of Content Marketing is a brainchild of partnership between the leading content
marketing authority, Copyblogger, and UC Davis Extension.

What will you learn from this course?

  • How to develop, organize and implement a content marketing strategy
  • How to analyze and measure the effectiveness of content marketing
  • How to build your professional brand and authority
  • How to write compelling copy
In short, you will be able to transition from a mere freelance writer to a content marketer in Nigeria
with this course. Being a content marketer means you understand and can implement effective
marketing strategy aimed at building brand or selling for your clients.

Isn't that really cool?

Please share your best tools for online writing jobs in the comment box. Keep the conversation
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