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The U.S. Justice Department has said it will investigate claims that an Oklahoma law firm and its top lawyer were responsible for wrongful convictions.

A civil lawsuit filed last year in the U.K. accuses former Tulsa law firm Kroll & Whelan of using a “culture of fear” to pursue people accused of crimes in the 1970s and 1980s.

It’s the first federal civil suit against the firm in the United States, according to the American Bar Association.

Kroll &amps; Wampas attorneys deny the allegations.

They said the allegations are “baseless and false.”

They said in a statement: “We take seriously any allegation that we may have violated the law.

If we are proven to have violated any law, we will vigorously defend ourselves.”

The firm declined to comment, saying it has not yet been served with the lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed by lawyers with the U,K.

civil rights group, alleges the firm was a “toxic, abusive and hostile environment” at the time.

The complaint names former Tulsa, Oklahoma, assistant district attorney James Clark, and his wife, Elizabeth Clark, as defendants.

The women say they were “forced into an emotional, physical and sexual relationship with an Oklahoma lawyer” between the 1980s and 1990s.

They say they received financial benefits, including legal advice, and were not entitled to due process.

The suit says Clark and his family “failed to disclose their relationship to the district attorney, the district court, the attorney general, the Attorney General’s office, or to the U of M, when they sought employment with the firm.”

The lawsuit alleges Kroll and Wampam were a “culturally hostile” workplace, with their lawyers “attempting to intimidate, humiliate and degrade Plaintiffs” through the use of fear, intimidation, retaliation, intimidation and harassment.

“The women’s lawsuit also accuses the firm of creating a “false, pervasive and pervasive culture of fear and fearmongering” at work.

Krill &ampgt.; Wampams lawyers also deny the accusations.

They told the U-K.

newspaper, the Times, the company is “deeply sorry for any negative impact it has had on the individuals we represented.””

We have taken steps to address any issues with our law firm,” the firm said in the statement.

Kropp &ampamp; Lippincott declined to be interviewed.

The American Bar Institute, a trade group representing law firms, said in an email that the law firm “has vigorously fought for victims of wrongful conviction and has been proud of its record of defending them.””

The Justice Department said in its response that it was “aware of the allegations.”””

We are disappointed that this matter has arisen and are continuing to review it.”

The Justice Department said in its response that it was “aware of the allegations.”

“In the meantime, we are reviewing the allegations and will provide a more detailed response when available,” the department said.

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