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A physician is an individual who specializes in treating or managing a patient’s health condition, including medical conditions, conditions that are preventable or treatable.

You may also refer to a physician as a doctor of medicine, doctor of osteopathy, physician of pharmacy, or physician of medicine.

This article was updated on Jan. 16, 2018, to include the new definition for “physician” and to include information about the American College of Physicians.

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A general practitioner is someone who practices medicine in a hospital setting.

A physician, on the other hand, is someone with a primary or secondary medical focus.

A specialty is a group of practices that are specialized in a particular specialty.

Doctors can be employed by a hospital, physician office, or any other type of health care facility.

Doctors who practice in hospitals, physicians who practice medicine in primary care offices, or primary care physicians can also be employed as nurses, medical technicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners.

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