How to make an awesome gift that will make you smile.


How to give someone the gift of a smile when you’re feeling down.

I’ve had a few different requests recently from readers for advice on how to give people a little something extra, and one of the most important things to consider is that the gift is not something you would expect them to want.

“Giving is not just about giving but also about giving something you don’t expect,” says Rachel, a freelance writer who lives in Toronto.

“I think giving people something that’s unexpected or unique is really important.” 

What I love about this article is that it’s very personal.

Rachel says that her partner is a huge fan of her work, and that she often goes through a “couple of hours” of planning before she makes a big gift.

She explains that she always wants to try something new, and she often takes her creativity to new places.

“I do think that we’re more likely to enjoy new things if we give someone something that they haven’t seen before,” she says.

Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Pick something they’ll like.

Pick something that will be something that you’ll feel good about giving, something that makes them smile.

You can even choose something that isn’t exactly what you’d expect, like a gift card or a t-shirt.

Try to pick something they enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to ask a few questions.

For instance, if your partner likes the idea of your gift, but is unsure what you’ll give, ask them if they’d like to try it out and see what they think.

Also, if you’re not sure how much it will cost, or what kind of gift it will be, ask about it later, and be sure to let them know what they can expect. 

Have fun with it.

When you’re making a gift, ask for something that doesn’t feel weird or forced.

Don’t make it something that is something you know someone has seen before, and you’re expecting them to like it.

Instead, make something that your partner will be excited about, and make it fun and exciting.

“Try to make something you feel good and fun about, like you might expect someone to do,” Rachel says.

Give them a hug and a kiss if they’re not expecting it.””

Have fun.

Give them a hug and a kiss if they’re not expecting it.”

You can give out gifts at any time of the year.

As with all things, make sure you make sure the gift you choose is something that has a positive and uplifting message, and not something that feels forced or too obvious.

If your gift comes with a sticker or other kind of marker, remember to put it in the package.

Make sure you ask for a signature.

“When you are giving something, be sure that you are not asking for a person’s signature,” Rachel advises.

“That’s something you can do later if they don’t want to.”

Rachel suggests putting your gift in the box before opening the package, so that the recipient has the opportunity to make a personal statement.

“If you don`t want to take a personal note, ask someone else to do that for you,” she explains.

“If you do that, make the gift a little more personal.” 

Make sure the recipient likes it.

“The best way to make sure that your gift makes people smile is to give it out to someone that they already like,” Rachel suggests.

“People love something that says they’re excited about it, so if you make it a bit more personal, the recipient may also like it.”

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