How to win the job of an NHL head coach: Jen Jensen


It is the job to be the team’s general manager.

For the Anaheim Ducks, that means having one of the most accomplished general managers in the NHL, Jen Jensen.

In that respect, Jensen has been doing a great job.

But when it comes to the jobs of head coaches, Jensen may not be the most experienced.

And it’s not just the Ducks that have a veteran head coach.

The Anaheim Ducks have had four head coaches in the last two seasons, but none have more experience than Anaheim Ducks head coach Bruce Boudreau, who took over for Jeff Blashill in 2016.

Boudreau is one of only four coaches in NHL history with more than 2,000 career games played, but that doesn’t mean he’s the most impressive general manager in the league.

That distinction goes to the Calgary Flames general manager Dale Tallon, who has managed teams to three straight Stanley Cup championships, a first in franchise history and one of just two teams in NHL annals to reach the Cup Final with a different coach than Boudade.

For Boudette, who led the Flames to their second Stanley Cup in two seasons last year, the most memorable moment of his career came when he was named to the NHL All-Rookie Team last season, but the team also won a Stanley Cup.

It’s the only Stanley Cup with two different teams.

The fact that the Ducks have a third head coach in three seasons is remarkable, as Tallon and Boudas experience was the main reason the Ducks made the playoffs last season.

But that was not the only thing that helped the Ducks.

The Anaheim Ducks also have a first-round pick in next year’s draft, so it would seem like a good idea to make the best decision for Anaheim in the upcoming draft.

But in the meantime, Bouda has been able to help his Ducks prepare for the draft.

For instance, last year the Ducks traded one of their top prospects, defenseman Anthony Beauvillier, for defenseman Kevin Bieksa.

Beauvilliers first season in the Ducks organization was not good, and he’s still not ready for the NHL.

So Boudades drafting Beauvillie is a positive, as he has proven he can play and has shown his ability to be a good leader in the locker room.

For Bieks, the first year of his contract with the Ducks was a disaster.

He was not a good fit with the team, which has been known for drafting veterans and developing younger players.

It was also difficult to fit in the AHL.

The Ducks traded him to the Edmonton Oilers last season and he played in four games for the Ducks, but he has not played in a game for Anaheim since.

So Boudes experience is not as valuable as it should be.

And for the time being, Brouwer might be the best general manager to take over for Boudad.

The best general managers come from experience and have worked their way up through the ranks.

They know the league well, and that makes them a good pick to replace Boudada.

Brouwer has had a long and successful career, and is still one of his own generation’s greatest general managers.

So while he might not have the same pedigree as Boudads, Brousers experience could prove valuable to the Ducks this year.

The job might be his, but Brouwers is still young and talented.