The Hardest Job: The 10 Hardest Jobs in America


This is the top 10 hardest jobs in America, according to a new report.1.

Nurse(s): 9.9% of nurses in America work in hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities.2.

Teacher(s), schoolteacher(s) and technical assistant(s)-9.7% of teachers and technical assistants in the U.S. work in education.3.

Food preparation and serving(s)(2.7%), food preparation(2.3%), cleaning(2%), and cooking(2%) jobs account for the remaining 2.7%.4.

Transportation(s-2.5%), transportation(s-)2.4%, and maintenance(s’-1.5%) jobs make up the remaining 1.5%.5.

Healthcare workers(1.6%), social workers(0.9%), and nurse(0) assistants make up 0.9%.6.

Healthcare support staff(1%) and home health aides(1%)-0.4% of health care workers in the United States work in a position of care.7.

Food service workers(2%).8.

Office workers(4%), administrative assistants(2%), sales and administrative support(2%); social work(1%), social work teachers(1%); personal care assistants(1%).9.

Sales workers(3.9%) and sales/service associates(3%) make up 3.9%, accounting, and financial clerks(2%; 2%), and accounting clerks(1%; 2%).10.

Financial analysts(1).