‘It is a blessing to be a doctor’: St Johns doctor praises medical profession


St Johns Medical School doctor Dr Stephen Rundle said he would have “a heart attack” if he knew he was being watched.

Key points:Dr Rundle has been on a list of the “most hated” doctors in AustraliaDr Rudge said he was “stunned” when he was contacted”It is just a blessing that we have been chosen”Dr Rude was contacted by a reporter in December 2016.

“I just wanted to let people know that I’m still alive, I still have my job, I’m doing a lot of good work, I’ll do my bit for the country,” Dr Rudge told the ABC’s 7.30 program.

“The most hated profession in Australia is the doctor, so I’m shocked that we’ve been on the list.”

Dr Ruck said he felt “surprised” to be on the most hated list, especially because he had “done very good work”.

“It’s been a blessing, it’s been my life, it has been my career,” he said.

Dr Rube said he had not heard from the media about his application for a permanent role at the school, but said he hoped to continue working at St Johns.

“What is there to lose?

It’s a great school, I’ve got good friends there, I think the people there are just really good people,” he told 7.20.”

It was very humbling to be contacted by the media.

I think it is a wonderful opportunity for me to continue to do good work.”

Dr Mandy Kaldas, who runs the St Johns Institute for Advanced Nursing, said the “brave” Dr Rude had been contacted was “an affirmation of the professionalism of the people at the St John’s Institute”.

“The St Johns is a fantastic institution that does excellent clinical work and we have the support of our hospital’s senior nursing team,” she said.

“They were a great choice to work at St Johns and have the skills that they are now utilising at the Institute.”

Dr Kaldes said the St Joseph’s Hospital had a long history of medical graduates working at the institute, and that she hoped Dr Ruck’s work would bring the hospital back to the forefront of medical training.

“St Johns is an amazing place and the medical community is really very proud of its graduates and their hard work in training,” she told 7:10.

“There are some amazing people there, so hopefully the St Joses Institute will continue to attract and retain graduates like Stephen Rude.”

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