What’s your doctor profession? The most trusted profession in Australia


It’s a question that’s taken on added significance this year in Australia, where the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is predicting a surge in the number of people choosing to change their profession.

Dr John Smith, a professor of public health at Curtin University in Australia’s north-west, said the shift to being an undertaker had come to Australia after years of falling employment.

“I think the shift is a natural consequence of the economic downturn,” he said.

“You’ve got an ageing population and you’ve got a changing workforce.”

We’ve got some very skilled people going into this industry who are looking for work, who are finding work in the public sector.

“He said many of those workers had not been trained in the care profession, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.”

In the last 10 years, the number has risen, and that is because there’s been more people coming into this profession, because it’s become more popular,” he told the ABC.

Dr Smith said the boom was not necessarily related to a shortage of public sector workers, as some people were choosing to stay in the industry because of the growing number of vacancies.”

There’s a lot of people who’ve been working in the private sector for a long time who are getting a new opportunity to enter the public service,” he added.”

If they can’t get into the public services, they can go into this more secure career, and it’s easier to find a job, because there are a lot more of them.”‘

You can be a bit of a douche’Dr Smith told the audience that the public had a tendency to think that being a doctor was an occupation they had to get into, but there was nothing to be ashamed of.”

It can be very liberating, it can be quite challenging, but it can also be quite rewarding,” he explained.”

The public have an expectation that you can be an apprentice or a nurse, but as an undertakers, you can really be a very, very good, kind of a good, decent person.

“Dr Smith added that being an apprentice was also a valuable skill, as it gave people an opportunity to practise and gain experience in a professional environment.”

They’ve got to understand the basics of medicine, but they’ve also got to know how to treat patients and that’s important,” he warned.”

As a doctor, you need to understand all the things that are going on, but you can also work as a nurse and a GP.

“Dr Paul Brown, a retired doctor and chief executive of the National Health and Medical Research Council, said there was a lack of confidence in public health, which had led to a shift to private providers.”

With public health having been under a bit more strain, it’s been a more competitive market for a while now,” he noted.”

People are looking to the private health sector because they’re cheaper.

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