Who will be the next President of the United States?


The top job in the United State of America is a question many Americans have been asking since the 2016 election.

The president has no formal title or any formal position.

President Trump is the president of the U.S., and has no actual power to enact policy.

The office, though, is the most powerful position in the government.

A new job, however, is expected to be the most significant job in a lifetime.

It is the one most Americans are willing to risk their jobs, and it is one that many are considering, according to a new poll from The Hill.

The poll found that a majority of Americans (56 percent) are willing or able to sacrifice a career in order to support the presidency of Donald Trump.

This figure was nearly double the number who said the same of former President Barack Obama in his second term.

“The job of president is so important to Americans,” said Jessica McQuaid, president and CEO of The Hill Research Group, which conducted the poll with Morning Consult.

“It’s such a significant position.

We’re looking at this job as if it’s a lifetime position.

There’s no guarantee.”

McQuaid said that although most Americans have said they would not want to work in the administration, the job would still be a significant opportunity for many.

“Most of us have no interest in doing this,” McQuay said.

“We’re going to put the jobs back in the country.”

This could be good for TrumpThe job is especially important to Trump, who is a frequent target of criticism for not having a formal title.

In fact, Trump’s term in office has already been criticized by critics for being too long.

Trump was sworn in January 20.

McQuays poll found just 28 percent of Americans would be willing to sacrifice their job for the president.

Only 30 percent said they could not imagine doing it.

In fact, just 14 percent of respondents said they are willing (or able) to sacrifice everything they have to support Trump in his role as president.

More from Morning Consult:The jobs and careers of presidents are often polarizing.

But this is not the first time that a survey of the nation’s most prominent and prominent people has found that Americans are divided over the job.

In the same poll, 57 percent of voters said they have “some concern” about the presidency, a figure that has been consistently higher than the numbers that have expressed concern over other major officeholders, such as the president or the president’s wife.

When asked what they would most like to see happen to the presidency under a Trump administration, 42 percent of the public said that the president should be removed from office, compared to 34 percent who said they’d like to keep him in office.

When it comes to the role of the vice president, just 21 percent of those surveyed said they want the vice presidency to be a “volunteer” role, compared with 46 percent who want it to be an elected position.

In addition, just 15 percent of people said they wanted Trump to “step down” as president and take a more senior role, and 19 percent said he should stay in office and be a regular member of the White House staff.

Mc Quays poll asked the following question: “What job would you like to work for under a President Donald Trump?”

“I think the most important job of the presidency is to protect our country and keep America safe,” said McQuays.

“That’s why it’s so important that we keep this country safe and that the vice President is the person that’s protecting our country.

If the vice Presidency isn’t doing that, I think that there’s a lot of concern.”

When it came to the jobs of the federal employees, the top job was the top-performing position for Americans in the poll.

Only 21 percent said the government was the “most important” job, with the top performing position at the Justice Department, which has handled civil rights, immigration, and criminal justice.

Only 11 percent said it was the second most important, and just 7 percent said that it was third.

The Justice Department also scored highly for the number of jobs, with 22 percent of adults saying the job was “most” important.

The Justice Department has been the subject of criticism since the inauguration.

In September, President Trump called for the removal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other federal employees over a number of incidents in which they violated the law, including in a racially motivated hate crime against a Black man.

The survey also found that there is a strong correlation between the number that say the government is “most valuable” and how many people support the administration.

The more people who support the president, the more likely they are to say the job is the “right” one for the country.

When polled about the jobs that would be the “worst,” 18 percent of American adults said the federal government was “the worst” job for Americans, while 23 percent

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