I am now in a career in a non-profit organisation


By By NITI BANJALOT, Associated Press The Times Of India (ITI) – The Times has published the first official report on a growing trend that is shaping the professions in India and the world: the rise of the non-resident professional.

The Times of Asia report notes that a growing number of professionals are coming from abroad and, more broadly, the global shift away from a “traditional” career to a career with a social impact.

The report notes the need for more international research in fields such as healthcare, education, finance and international development.

India’s government is working to build more skills for professionals, particularly in the areas of health care, education and public policy.

The government has created a professional board to encourage more Indians to become professional.

The board also has a focus on social entrepreneurship, the Times of the Indian said.

The growing number, said the Times, are “the backbone of a burgeoning India” and the future of the profession is at stake.

The growth in non-residents will not be sustainable.

It is already having an impact on the workforce in India, which has the world’s highest share of graduates.

According to the Indian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, India has one-third of the world population, but about 30% of its scientists and engineers.

The Indian Council of Medical Research estimated the country will have more than 10 million non-professionals by 2030.

The impact of the rise in nonresident professionals will be felt in areas ranging from public health to the environment, the report says.

A study released by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) last year found the number of non-practitioners in the country has risen by more than half in the last decade.

The Indian government has launched a $1.4 billion programme to recruit more people to train for a variety of jobs, including doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers and engineers-in-residence.

It has also launched a new training institute in Bengaluru.