Which profession is oldest? – A medical profession


A new study says the oldest profession is the medical profession, but not by much.

The study, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that physicians are actually much older than their professional peers.

The average age of a physician is 67.

The study authors said the median age of doctors in the U.S. is 68, with a median age at first residency at 67.

The oldest profession in the study was the nursing profession, which the authors say is the oldest.

The median age for a nurse is 68.

“In the U., a nurse’s age ranges from the mid-20s to mid-40s,” Dr. Daniel R. Steinberg, a senior research fellow at the Center for Health Policy and Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, and lead author of the study, told NBC News.

The medical profession is also much older in Canada, the study found.

In Canada, it takes a doctor or registered nurse 65 years to reach the age of 70, according to the study.

The authors did not look at how long a physician’s career in medicine was, nor did they look at the number of years it took to reach retirement age.

But the authors did note that some professions have had long careers that have not yet ended.

“As we age, we often need to change our lives to keep up with the changing demands of medical care,” Dr Steinberg said.

“There is also a tendency to change careers over time as we age and to pursue other professional paths as well.”

The study found that, among U.K. doctors, the median time spent on medical training was 18.4 years, while in Australia it was 11.6 years.

The longest medical career in the country was in the United States.

Dr Steinberg and his co-authors, Dr David Pimentel, an associate professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and lead researcher, found doctors in other countries, including France, were more likely to be working longer than their U.k. counterparts.

The median time it took a physician to graduate from a medical school in France was 10.4.

The average U.s. doctor graduated from a U. S. medical school was 13.7.

Dr Pimentels study found the median medical school degree was 6.5 years, but the median total number of doctorates earned by doctors in Canada was 7.4, compared to 4.7 in France.

The researchers also found that medical students were more often from middle-class families, with less than $100,000 in student loan debt.

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