How to be a narcissist in today’s society


As a narcissism is defined, narcissists often feel that they have a duty to themselves and others to do what they think is right, while in reality they don’t.

Here are some tips for how to be the perfect narcissist.


Know who you are.

The person who is the most important to you is the one you want to be.

That person is the person you are most attracted to.

When you think of yourself as your own person, then you are the one who needs to be most attracted.

Don’t think of it as being the “best” or the “right” person.

Instead, think of the person who you think will be the person to help you grow and take control of your life.

That is the perfect person to be, because they have the most to offer.


Be aware of the situation.

It is easy to fall prey to the self-help industry, where you can get the advice and support that you need without actually needing it.

But when you know who you truly are and who you want, you can be confident that you can do the right thing without any external support.


Ask questions.

Ask yourself: “What can I do to change the way I think?”

You can’t change yourself without asking questions.

If you’re not comfortable doing so, it might be time to take a step back and listen to your intuition and the advice you’re hearing from people.

Ask the right questions, and you might be surprised at what you discover.


Learn about yourself.

Being aware of who you really are is a prerequisite for being a good narcissist, but it doesn’t mean you have to ignore the negative traits and the negative thoughts that are going through your head.

Don “t judge” yourself.

When it comes to narcissism, you’re never perfect.

You can never be perfect, and the person that you are and the life that you want can never become what you wish for.


Be a compassionate listener.

If your narcissism causes you to get defensive and make statements that you think are mean, you need to know that there is a way out.

Don.t let yourself get defensive.

Just ask for the right things, and listen, listen, and keep listening.

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Find a mentor.

You don’t need a mentor to help to grow your self-confidence and help you learn the way of the compassionate listener, because that’s what you need.

You need someone to validate your thoughts and your beliefs and to provide positive encouragement.

You will need someone who is a source of support, not just a way to make you feel better.


Know when to walk away.

Being a narcissian means you need a steady supply of validation from other people.

Don”t feel bad about not having someone to rely on, because there are plenty of people out there who can provide it.

When that happens, you will know that you have found the perfect place in your life to be where you want and you won’t feel the need to be perfectionist about your life anymore.


Listen to your instincts.

The most important thing for you to know about narcissists is that they are often the ones who are doing what they want without thinking or questioning themselves.

You should know that, no matter what you are doing, there will always be a part of you that is doing it and that you will always feel pressure to make the right decisions and be successful.


Practice self-care.

You’re probably not going to be perfect all of the time.

That’s okay.

Just practice what you’re doing, and it will improve.

The goal is to keep working toward a life that is better for you.

Learn how to become a compassionate narcissist at The Art of Being Nice: How to become the perfect narcissistic person in today”s society, by Joanna Macy, author of The Art Of Being Nice, available at, Barnes & Noble, and Audible.