How to make a career in the science and tech industry


In 2014, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) published a report on the most common occupations in the Australian workforce.

In the past year, the list has changed again, with the number of science and technology (S&T) professionals climbing from 12,742 in 2015 to 18,000 in 2016.

In this piece, we explore how to start your own career in one of the most lucrative and rewarding areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in Australia.

What are the main career paths in science, tech and maths?

Some career paths are career paths that can be taken for any skill or career.

Others, like IT, science and mathematics (STEM), are more specific to particular disciplines or areas of study.

The following are a few of the top STEM careers in Australia, and how to get the most out of them.

Career path 1.

Computer software engineer A computer software engineer (CSE) is a technical professional in the field of computer software.

A CSE is a specialist in programming, architecture and the design of software systems.

The main focus of a CSE will be on software design and development.

The CSE does a wide range of software development work including in the design, development, implementation and testing of systems, applications, tools and software for use in industry, government and education.

They work with teams of software developers and software managers, as well as with other engineers and software developers.

CSEs work for a range of organisations including large technology companies and government agencies.

It is important to understand the specific areas of expertise you will be required to work in.

The types of work a Cse may do range from the design and maintenance of software, to the design/development of software-based systems and applications.

A typical CSE role involves working with large and complex software systems and processes, or developing software solutions to specific problems.

Cses may work in the following areas: A computer systems development, architecture, design and implementation A software development and test environment A software integration and testing environment Software integration and test automation A software maintenance and testing group A software security and privacy team A software testing and assessment group A system integration team and support for software engineering and development software development systems, software design, design development and development support and support software testing infrastructure and test support systems, test management, software testing, and software testing management software engineering development, software engineering, software management, and the development of software for large and small organisations software engineering support, support software management software test management and testing software testing support and testing system support, software test support, and testing systems Software testing support systems and software test administration Software test administration and software development support systems Software engineering support and test management software development, and test engineering, testing and testing support software engineering testing and test administration systems Software maintenance and test implementation systems Software management software maintenance, and maintenance software testing systems software engineering software development software testing software engineering systems software management and maintenance system software testing testing and maintenance systems software maintenance support software test implementation software engineering test management system software maintenance testing and management software testing system software management support and management Software testing and administration systems software testing maintenance and maintenance support Software maintenance support systems software test development and testing test management support Software testing management support systems

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