Woman in her 50s becomes world’s first ‘passionate’ person


An American woman in her 60s is the first person in history to be a “passionately” person, and it may be a bit unusual for a woman in that age group to become a celebrity.

A “passive, emotional and passive-aggressive” American woman, who is not identified in the interview, told the Times she has never met a celebrity who “had that much of an affect on me”.

The woman, whose age is not disclosed, told a Times reporter that she does not watch the news, listens to the radio or has a Facebook account, but her life has changed for the better since the age of 30.

She said her husband, a “hard working” man, has a full-time job, and she is happy with the lifestyle he has built for her.

“He has a really good job, a nice house, and my husband and I have a beautiful family, and that is the best part about being a passive-aggressively emotional person,” she said.

“It really gives you an enormous amount of pleasure, because you know that you are making a positive difference to someone else’s life.”

The Times spoke to the woman over the phone and her husband over the internet.

In the interview she described how her husband “never had any problems” with her, although she did say that she sometimes finds it hard to talk about her personal life with her husband.

She also said that she is “pretty sure” her husband has never cheated on her.

She did not say how old she is, but said she was 45 when she was married.

She is also the only person in her family to be married for more than 50 years.

“I think a lot of people think that if you’re not married for 50 years, you’re an unhappy person, but I think the truth is that I am happy and that I enjoy it,” she told the reporter.

“My family is a happy family, I love my family, my husband is very nice to me, he helps me with the cooking, and I am very happy with him.”

The woman did not answer questions about whether she was single or married.

She said she is not the only one who has been an emotional and/or passive-aggressive person for decades.

The Times interviewed more than 60 women between ages 50 and 60 in a global survey conducted in 2014 by a research firm, Poynter.

It was published on Thursday.

Among the findings: