Why health care workers are taking to social media to spread information about Zika virus outbreak


Health care workers, teachers, and others are using social media platforms to spread the word about the spread of the Zika virus.

On Monday, the International Union of Medical Workers called for a global health mobilization to fight the spread and spread of Zika.

“As the world continues to deal with a rapidly worsening pandemic, we call on everyone, all sectors of society, to act together to stop this virus outbreak,” the union said in a statement.

“We call on all people to share their stories and photos of their health care visits, and share their experiences of the disease and its effects.”

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature said it’s urging the world to “reinforce public health measures to protect people from the Zika strain.”

The WHO, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization have all issued guidance for people to stay at home if they are pregnant, have a history of microcephaly or other neurological or reproductive abnormalities, or have other symptoms of Zika, including microceliac disease, microcelfacta, and other neurological disorders.

Health care workers and others who are concerned about the virus spreading are encouraged to visit the website of the World Meteorological Organization.