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How to get the most out of a job interview

How do you know when someone’s trying to get your job interview?That’s a question many people have been asking for some time now.For many job interviews, you have a wide range of professions you can look at.From lawyers to journalists, there are also a lot of professions with an obvious job title but which you’re

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How to calculate the actuarial value of your profession

What is actuarial?What is the difference between actuarial and predictive modeling?What are the various definitions of actuarial, what are they used for?What are actuarial formulas?What are the different types of actuaries?How can actuarial models be applied to other fields?What is the actuaries profession?What is actuary?In actuarial terms, a model is a statistical or mathematical model

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Medieval occupations

The number of occupations in the U.S. has been shrinking over the past 30 years.But the occupations that are disappearing the fastest are those that involve blacksmiths.The blacksmith profession was once considered an elite occupation that attracted elite workers and was a core profession of medieval times.Today, most blacksmith jobs in the United States are

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Why doctors are using medical records for their own financial gain

Health professionals are increasingly relying on medical records to track their patients, and many of them are using them to make their own money, according to a new report.The National Association of Medical Directors (NASDA) recently released a report titled “The Price of Access: Medical Records for Health Professionals and the Health Care Industry.”The NASDA

How to talk about being gay: The rules and practices

By Sarah B. Johnson, Associated Press Editor In the early 2000s, a group of gay men started calling themselves the Church of Scientology.The group was based on a group known as the Knights of Malta, which has been linked to the Mafia.It was a secretive sect, but one that didn’t hesitate to speak openly about